introducing the original six


pop punk princess turned basshead, kasey is A NEWCOMER TO THE ELECTRONIC SCENE. no stranger to the festival lifestyle, kasey is an aspiring journalist who spent the last seven years following punk + metal bands around the country. she is in search for some new sounds to rage to, the best vibes + extraordinary things to write about.

Peter Mulroe

geek + festival pro, peter is the guy who has something for every situation. he'll talk your ear off about the latest cyber security trends, then pack a weeks worth of clothes and a campsite into a compact car with room to spare. he's the guy kind of guy you'll ALWAYS want around + he has the best bass face. 


she'll deny it, but Monica is goals. sporting the coolest hair this side of the sun + the most amazingly trippy outfits, Monica not only looks like she lives the life, but she does. Movie costume designer by day + headbanging unicorn by night - this Kentucky girl is making a big splash.

dave shunemann

if you're looking for a genius with good taste in t-shirts, david is your man. Professional web developer and upcoming visual production artist known as ACTUAL EYESHe's forgotten about more awesome music than most of us will ever know. We've learned if he says to go see a set, you better go.


It's a wonder he can head-bang so hard with such a big brain to carry around. hang with post and you're in store for some deep, enlightening conversations and a dope glove show. Oh, and he figured out how to play beer pong with two roomba robot vacuums. 

matt bosivert

Keeper of ice cold water and giver of life changing massages. You'd never guess this pro only started attending shows regularly a mere year ago. Be prepared for an all-nighter when in his company. Matt will keep up with the best of them and still ask for seconds.

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