Introducing, the festie fam

I bet you're wondering who the hell we are, what we're trying to do with this over the top website or why we're even doing it in the first place. well, the answer to that is simple. we are a group of a bunch of self proclaimed trippy kids who like to spend the little money we have on going to music festivals. sure, we sound a little ridiculous but that's because we are.

we spend hours a day not only talking about music, but bitching to each other about the lengths we go to in order to go to these festivals. we sell our shit, work overtime, serve tables and tend bar - all to make enough money to do what we love most in this world, go to festivals. but we don't stop there - we try and hit up as many shows as we can during the cold dreary months.

so, I'll finally answer your questions. we are the festival family, a bunch of trippy kids from a bunch of random states who love to go to music festivals. we want to remember every minute of the experiences we're trying so hard to have, and we want to spread the wealth. we want to take the ones who couldn't make it along on this journey. we want to invite strangers onto the ride, and I promise you, it's always a good one.

we basically want to spread the good music, spread the good vibes + spread the best kind of love. so join us on our journey to some of the best music festivals in the country. see what we see. hear what we hear. feel what we we feel. love how we love.

we're happy to have you here.

xxx, the festie fam

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