the festie fam started on the side of a mountain at a music festival in the middle of july. we quickly went from a bunch of strangers excited to vibe to good music, to humans with bonds as strong as blood family. humans who look out for each others well being. humans who want to enjoy the simplicity of happiness, together. 

     we started off slow meeting at a festival or two, crashing at each other's places, and the weireder it got -- the closer we became. now we meet as often as possible, from states across the map to enjoy the one thing we love most in this crazy universe – music. the family grows with every event we attend; it started at six + expanded to hundreds.

     we are simply a bunch of trippy kids who love to roll around in the grass, vibe to the best tunes on this side of the sun, spread the best kind of love + start the greatest cuddle puddles you’ve ever seen. we want to share with you the best part of our lives, and hope you'll join us on the journey. 

our mission is simple -- spread good vibes, enjoy life + get really, really weird.
welcome to our little world.
welcome to the festie fam.
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